Thursday, November 13, 2014

A first for all of us

Ok, I want to start by apologizing to all the parents who's children have ever had ear infections and I thought under my breath "how hard could it be?" I'm so sorry, so sorry that your baby/toddler/school age child had to go through anything like that, hurting and not being able to tell you where they are hurting or if they do tell you, you still can't do anything about it. I'm just so sorry. My children have never had an ear infection. I know now that I've been extremely blessed by this. I can now no longer say "never" for this statement. My sweet Ryan got an ear infection right after school started in August. She came home from school, played, ate dinner and had a bath. We got ready for bed, we had prayer and I sent the girls to their room for the first time that evening. Not more than 30 minutes later, Ryan was screaming uncontrollably like a mad woman. I went in her room and screamed back at her to stay quiet, we live in an apartment, we have neighbors, etc. Basically, she was yelling and so was I. I went through the obligatory questions about pain, nausea, vomitting, etc. She denied all the symptoms I brought up. She'd quit for a few minutes then start up again, louder than before. After this went on for about 30 mins, I called Urgent Care, they returned my call but sadly it was too late, they were closing and all "urgent" needs would have to wait till the next day. By 9:30, I couldn't take it anymore so I called Joe to come home from work so I could take her to the ER or at the very least further away from her siblings for the night so they could get some rest. I don't know how, but both Britt and Hunt were very sleeping soundly and I didn't wanna rock that boat. When Joe finally got home, I was able to take Ryan to the new children friendly TMH ER and that's where they told us that her right ear was "terribly inflamed." I was shocked but I was also relieved that we have a diagnosis and she would be able to get better, which she did. It must have been festering since our beach trips this past summer, was the only reason I could think of. I just know I don't ever wanna see my baby scream like that again.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Back to School, 1st Grade Style

Ryan is always so excited to start a new school year. I hope she feels that way for many years to come, I think I say that each time I've posted about a new school year. I just hope that her excitement carries her throughout the school year and if I'm lucky, over to her Brittyn and Huntington as well. Ryan is very excited to go to first grade, she's an excellent reader and will do well with the curriculum. I hope she enjoys her teacher, Ms. Tharpe and she continues to make lots of friends. I'm pretty sure Brittyn and Huntington will have a great year at Grandma's school, they've got their backpacks ready too. While Ryan is at her school, the other two will be at Grandma's school modeling and learning and getting their creative on! Let's head out to school!!!


Hello summer, again

We do lots more than have birthday parties all summer long. We crash our friend's beach vacations and hang out on Saint George Island for a few days, we have cousins/friends over for a back to school sleepover, complete with a smelly, awesome vinegar explosion, we battle major ear infections for the very first time (I don't ever wish that pain and the accompanying volume it emits on anyone) and we get over it, thankfully. Lastly, once we are sufficiently "summered" out, we back our backpacks and get ready for a new school year. That's the kind of summer we have, they aren't much, but to me, they get better every year.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birthday season

Yes, at our house, summer is the official kickoff to birthday season. All our family's birthdays are in the last six months of the year so I usually spend the first six months worrying, planning, prepping purchasing for these parties. It's a lot of work for a little amount of time and I always see other people on blogs and friends who do more than me with awesome and lots who do less than me with awesome results and I'm jealous. But my kids don't have to weed through all that, they just give me 75 of the same ideas 77 different ways of what they want for their party and I do what I can with my limited imagination to make it somewhat happen for them. As long as they're happy and they always are because it's their birthday, I'm happy. I can't ask for more than that. Thankfully, Britt is in the phase where she wants what party Ryan wants. Sadly, I didn't saw Ryan's decor for Britt's party. Next year I will try to be smarter. I love each of them and their very different, very precious personalities and I love to celebrate them on their birthday and everyday. I hope we throw many large, small parties for lots of years to come!!!


Monday, October 20, 2014


It's gonna be a long, hot summer. There's a country song on the radio with that title and for me, that fella didn't know how true that would be for me this year (and every year really but who's counting?) After Easter, one might think they are winding down at the end of the school year and getting ready for a relaxing summer, but even on the most relaxing of summer days, it takes a lot of work. I went with Ryan on the last field trip of her kindergarten year to Wakulla Springs. I haven't been there in a long time, but thankfully, not much has changed. We didn't get to ride the glass bottom boats, I never got to do that, I was mildly sad that Ryan and other kids won't get to do that either. But, we had a good time, playing on play grounds, looking out at the native animals to the springs, telling the kids to stay seated and don't try to touch the water and then we saw Old Joe's replacement. The largest alligator since Old Joe swam at the springs. We had lunch and then had a class picture in front of Old Joe before we left. We also saw a turtle mama laying her eggs in the parking lot. We definitely got our National Geographic for that day!

Then, when school gets out, the kids automatically get bored, restless, you name it. One Friday night, Joe came home from traveling for work and he was tired. Well, the kids are NEVER tired and it was too late to take them outside and they were too loud to keep inside while I tried to make dinner b/c Joe wanted to sleep so I did the next best thing, took them to Pizza Hut and let them use a booth as their own mini war zone and enjoy some pizza. Thankfully, Pizza Hut obliged me (they let us stay) and the kids enjoyed pizza and we went thru a drive thru and got yogurt afterwards. Maybe summer won't be so long and hot after all.

Summer seems to get costlier every year too. I swear, one stop ends up being three different stops. Brittyn was taking a dance class and I had some time before it started so I tried to run an errand and to make up for the kids getting stuck at the "it's not fun if I can't make a mess" watch battery store, I took them to get cupcakes. Ryan had a coupon for a cupcake from school and I had one from the paper so got them all cupcakes. Maybe this long hot summer can have some sweet moments along the way.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Easter 2014

I love Easter, I love all the holidays but Easter is especially wonderful for what it means to me beyond the chocolate and sugar covered bunnies and chicks hidden in baskets of fake, way too green grass. I love to remind and continue to teach my children about the Savior and His greatest gift. I try to do that everyday, but it seems I try to try a little harder to help the kids remember how beautiful and special the Easter season is.

However, to look at the kids tearing through their Easter baskets, you wouldn't think I do such a great job but I know they're just excited about the candy and goodies. We had a great Easter Sunday. We went to church in Bristol and then to Bubbles' and from there on to Joseph and Becky's to have another lunch/meal and to hunt eggs. It was a long day but a great day. I wouldn't trade it for anything, not even a little more sleep.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

I love to see the Temple

I hope the kids loved seeing the temple. Kylia and I packed up my bunch and Addisyn too and went to the open house of the Ft. Lauderdale Temple in early April. The kids' favorite part was opening the gifts/treats we wrapped for each of them to make the 7 hour trip more bearable for us. I love those kids but those presents weren't really worth it. I mean, kids can fight over ANYTHING! They also loved the minivan that Kylia had rented where they could watch lots of movies. Brittyn loved the can so much that she colored in one of the cup holders in the back of the van with a beautiful purple crayon, probably a part of one of the gifts we let them open them. Either way, she wanted to leave her good review for the rental company to see. Thankfully, Kylia and I saw it first and were able to get most of it out with a magic eraser. I hope they remember their first time in the temple and have good memories of that trip because there were lots of memories made.